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Saturday, March 21, 2009

MeN..HoW To WeAr UnDeRwEaR CaN Be HeALtHy

The variety of underwear in the world

1, fighting underwear: the origin of the name because the pants can be placed front-end design of the seven bags of condoms.
2, candy underwear: can the licking Oh, there are a variety of fruit taste it.
3, luminous underwear: When you in the night, lighting the room the most eye-catching at this time it’s none other than the non.
4, underwear Science & Technology: This is a faithful reflection of the size of the underwear.
5, adjustable underwear: you know, not only ladies-only need to be adjusted, do not want to see people show up, this underwear can help you tighten the waist.
6, thong: This is one of the most sexy, there are two, one in front of a three-dimensional cut before the file, and behind only a small belt, although this is more than sexy, but to wear uncomfortable? The other front is a cut of three-dimensional pre-file, and behind that is to be divided into two scallops on both sides of the hip fixed, is the advantage of excellent air permeability.

To find occasions for wearing underwear on
To go to work: to go to work wearing the suit is nothing more than casual trousers or pants (Of course, some people can wear jeans), if you fit into the tailoring is a very appropriate pants suit, said it is not the kind of cut loose the hip Trousers, then the 1.40-fit underwear (not the pants I-Oh!) Or thong would be suitable for you, the reason for this is the kind of general-BVD underwear, you would Triangle buttocks that the two marks Pants, easy Show; and the 1.40-fit or thong underwear, you do not consciously avoid the pressure of the two that touched on the buttocks in line, because they do not consciously response action, if the timing is that people will not ya.

Leisure: Leisure can be divided into two types, one is completely relaxed at home, is not ready to go out, like consumption at home and enjoy the home life of the new man, may wish to consider only the mouth of a loose-pants, so pressed on weekdays in the pants in The freedom of shaking baby, but this healthy child’s cry! If you would like to run out easily be shaped to wear the underwear of it! This style of underwear can reduce the large amount of activity (such as the long walk) on the friction arising from the sexual organs, people go there, comfortable there.

Movement: Movement can basically do not wear underwear is the best, but you can choose to buy the kind of good air permeability of the sports shorts or swim trunks and similar materials, the air next to the skin tight. For it is only through such a thigh before, Kuajian between each other’s sexual organs and to minimize friction. If wear underwear to wear on the kind of athletes for tailoring the movement of the special underwear, the underwear is part of the sexual organs in a triangle of three-dimensional cut-boosting cup, each about an elastic to hold the buttocks.

Tourism business: If you know the purpose of his trip is likely to travel with friends or colleagues in the same dormitory, which is the best you put those vulnerable to leakage or provocative character of color underwear, so to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, the general type of white underpants or Is a paper that is lost or cotton underwear is the best option.

To sleep: to sleep naked or nude sleeping habits is the best choice, but if you are living a life of the groups or are not used to sleep naked, and that 1.40-mouth trousers or underpants would be ideal, or else there is the sports network The shorts-like design is also good to consider.

Love: love what underwear you wear! You may not know, thong or cut the use of materials for the special taste of underwear in China will double visual effects, though not everyone has a body-building body, but love wearing a sexy provocative underwear, albeit not very clearly that the You can feel the drama before a lot of points

On the men’s underwear, a lot of men think that what’s good about? Some even think that men are wearing underwear in the inside, nothing good selectivity, was also seen at the time of purchase is a woman on the staff ashamed to ask, just go buy a style. This is the real damage is really hard to get fit and comfortable underwear.

Here, in the selection of men may know in advance the number of men’s underwear tips.
High sexy panties that sign underwear?

In the women’s underwear design, high-shorts are from modification, so that some of the slender legs appear. However, men’s underwear in the high starting point of fact, shorts are not sexy, but in order to take care of the men. Leg proposal very rough people who have the option of high-wide underwear shorts. In addition, there are half the market underwear shorts, which are used for those who do not wear shorts all-high-man be a good choice.

The most comfortable cotton underwear?

For those who sweat easily, the type of cotton clothing may not be the best choice, especially back and hyperhidrosis have to drive the men should not be more better. Although the Khan absorption as cotton underwear, but not easy to do, so no good for men’s health. In fact, in today’s market, a lot of underwear fabrics are used in key parts of cotton bottom, the same comfort. Proposal will not only be limited to men Cotton underwear can be seen from the other material consideration. For example: In order to avoid the feeling Nianni, quick-drying can choose to use the Korean silk fabrics, good water power, smooth feel. There is also a modal of the very fabric hand fell comfortable, with a similar texture of cotton, which absorb and release moisture faster than ordinary cotton and 50% higher, to buy time to ask the staff.

To buy the main points

At the time of purchase to the attention of hand-checking, such as key parts of the route is smooth and supple.
Men’s wear underpants look at the main focus of the site and the friction between the zipper pants, to avoid prolonged soaking with detergent, to extend the service life.
More detailed inquiries to the staff, not to avoid in order to buy the most comfortable in their own underpants.

by Beerkala ( DIGG HEALTH )


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