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I wish I could be your tear drops,for what more could any one ask for then to be conceived in your heart,born in your eyes, live on your cheeks,and die on your lips...


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Feels so Good - Hot men version - (to Steffi)



Monday, June 28, 2010

Chad White - Male Supermodel

The gorgeous hunk, Chad White is your all-American man. Born in Portland, Oregon in July the 11th of 1985, this model is a rookie in the fashion scene but as far as being new, he quickly turned into the favorite of major fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

Chad’s Career

Chad White signed with Major Management New York in 2005 and started his meteoric rise in the fashion scene. He immediately moved to New York from his native Oregon to concentrate on his modeling career.

In 2006, this beautiful Adonis was photographed by Steven Klein along with model Mischa Barton for the spring ad campaign for Bebe. By April of the same year, he appeared in an editorial for GQ with the beautiful and tantalizing Adriana Lima. The two were photographed by the talented Steven Klein.
A few months later, he was photographed by Steven Klein once again for L’Uomo Vogue. He later appeared in Dazed & Confused’s editorial and was photographed by the talented Xevi Mutane. A few modeling gigs later, the Adonis poses for D&G.

By January of 2007, Chad had his first walk down the runway. He immediately flew to Milan, Italy to walk for the fall shows of big fashion names Dolce & Gabbana and D&G.

Steven Meisel later on photographed the sexy fashion model for Dolce & Gabbana alongside beauties Julia Stegner and Hilary Rhoda. The project was followed by a gig with Diesel. Chad White showed off his beautiful bod to photographer Terry Richardson. He also modeled for the catalog for Louis Vuitton in 2007 and later on appeared in V man’s spring issue. Mr. Chad White was photographed by the talented KT Auleta.

July of 2007 was a busy month for the sexy boy when he walked the spring Dolce & Gabbana and Byblos for their couture shows in Milan followed by yet another magazine cover OUT and another project for a catalog, this time for American Eagle.

By September, this American male hottie, walked the spring show for Perry Ellis in New York and graced an interview to the infamous site, Models.com.
By January 2008, Chad White walked again for Dolce & Gabbana and also walked for DSqaured2 for their fall couture shows in Milan. In that same month, White appeared in the editorial for Details magazine –revealing more details on his hotness.

A month later, his schedule was a bit busy since he signed projects to walk for Nautica, Perry Ellis, and Baby Phat for their fall shows in New York City. Barely a week later, the American male model graced the cover of Attitude and was photographed by the very creative Matt Irwin.

The magazine cover was later followed by Arena Homme’s hot summer issue featuring his hotness as a rising star in the fashion industry –a well deserved titled for this hardworking and ultra-sexy fashion model.

He graced yet another summer issue in 2008 –L’Officiel Hommes and he was photographed by talented photographer Milan Vukmirovic.

What Makes Chad Different

Chad White is different from the usual preppy boy who walks the runway. His perfectly chiseled body and his ultra-masculine jaw line define the American from his contemporaries. His body isn’t really thin; in fact, it is quite buffed as a result of training for the major leagues when he was still in college.
This eye candy posed shirtless with another hot guy Kerry Degman for Contributing Editor. The two were photographed in their sexy sailor hats and underwear, tackling each other. The staged wrestling between the two was too hot to handle, making that issue of the magazine skyrocket in sales.

The two are the most popular male models in the US and when they shot “Sex Is Not The Enemy” photographed by Joe Lally, the appearance was a dream come true for their fans and admirers.

Speaking of Chad White’s fan base, his fans has created a Chad White website along with a facebook account and other social networking accounts for purposes of pure adoration and love for the fashion model.

Chad on Work and on Himself

In a backstage interview at the Perry Ellis show for fall of ’08 Chad said “When I have a shoot coming up I go a little crazy like not that crazy I just go a little extreme just because I’m so hard on myself.” When asked what he does to stay in shape, the fashion icon said “ I for one am not like one of those guys who can eat whatever they want and doesn’t have to work out and stays cut up. I work hard. My biggest and best exercise is running and sit ups, spinning classes kick ass too. They are not easy though depending on how hard you push yourself it’s a self honesty system. I set my goals high so high that rarely am I ever satisfied, which some say that's a bad thing but it makes sure that I'll always keep motivated and push myself to the limits.”

Chad in Major League Baseball

The fashion model had a dream of becoming a baseball player. In fact, he was drafted in the Major Leagues when he was still in college. Unfortunately, the 6’2 hunk injured his hands and never made it to the major leagues.

Chad White is not your usual hot boy toy, he is known for his patience and he is extremely disciplined something that he got from his baseball days. A kind and gentle guy who does not talk much, Chad, as his friends say, is more intelligent than you think he is.

In his free time, the hunk plays baseball, football, soccer and golf; whichever tickles his fancy. With regards to his injury, the fashion model was heard saying that he just needs a certain surgery on his elbow and he can get back on the game. Baseball is his ultimate dream, and it hasn’t dwindled just because of modeling.

At the backstage, Chad is friendly and talks to his fellow male models all the time.


K'naan ft. Nancy Ajram - Waving Flag [Official Video - FIFA World CUP 2010]

Nancy Ajram is my fav singer

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I`m A Guy Who,,,

I'm a guy..... who can wrestle with you and let you win.... who i can talk to about anything... who laughs at your jokes.... who puts your cold hands in my warm hoodie pockets.... who lets you use my sweatshirt for a pillow.... who says i love you & means it.... who will kiss you in the rain, in the sunshine, and in the snow.... whos calls unexpectedly.... who will have many inside jokes with you and remember each one.... a guy who notices haircuts.... who realizes that you say things but dont always mean them.... who you can go swimming with on hot days.... who can tell you my problems and let you help.... who will listen to you talk... who will bring you seashells from the beach.... who will let you beat me up when you get angry.... who writes love letters to you, but doesnt send them.... who draws pictures and slips them gently into your locker slot.... who saves my genuine, big smiles for you.... with deeps eyes, that can see through faces into depths.... who wears baseball hats and lets your wear mine too. ... who gives you my t-shirt to change into and not expect to get it back.... who knows your favorite color, song, car, vegetable, perfume and the color of your toothbrush.... who will shake your dads hand and look your mom in the eye.... who will call you by your full name--first, middle and last.... who will know when something is wrong when you're trying your best to put on an act... who will kiss you and tell you you're beautiful.... who will let you cry to me.... who will hold you & kiss your cheek.... who suprises you and compliments and plays with your hair.... who will brag about you to all of my friends...who will not tell his friends about intimate stuff we did... not afraid to give you a great big hug right infront of my mom... who smells like i just stepped out of the shower.... who will cut his hair when i know it looks bad... who wears cologne that you can subtly smell when you're leaning on my shoulder.... who will not try to meet up with other persons if i know you'll get jealous...who tells you that you have a nice laugh and a smile that lights up the room and simply be yours to hold.

Rishi Idnani - Top Male Model

Rishi Idnani is an American Indian model located in New York.

Rishi Idnani was born on February the 18th 1988, in New York. He is an American model of Indian descent. Idnani started his modeling career with "On Display Men" and is now working with New York City commercial and fitness agencies, and is often featured in magazines and electronic publishes like Queerty.

Rishi Idnani attended Rennselaer school and majored in Accelerated Management Law.

Height: 6'' 1"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Skin color: Tanned
Occupation: Model
Measurements: 40-30-32
Shoe size: 11.5
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: East Indian

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Burberry model Tom Nicon, 22, has committed suicide after he fell 40ft to his death from his apartment in Italy, after breaking up with his girlfriend. The model, who was the male "face" of the British fashion label Burberry, died at the start of the Milan Men's fashion week.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Doing The Samba In Brazil

KaLaU DiA BuLaN ItU....

Kalau dia bulan itu,
bulan itu akanku puja
Walaupun jauh nun di sana,
akanku dekatkan sedekat hatiku
Kalau terang cahayanya,
makaku tahu tandanya gembira
Kalau pudar sinar warnanya,
pasti tandanya dia berduka
Andainya tiada dibalik awan,
kutahu dia diam menyepi
Tatkala malam berganti siang,
akanku akur bulanku lena
Walaupun fajar mengganti dirimu,
kaukan tetap pilihan hatiku
Sudahku tahu kau bukan untukku,
biarkan aku memuja dirimu
Ku tahu sang bulan menjadi pujaan,
takkan ku anggap sebagai penghalang
Kerna ku tahu segala jawapan,
bukan niatmu menjadi sanjungan
Wahai bulan menerangi awan,
ku tahu kau tahu perasaanku
Kau biarkan aku dengan diriku,
bagimu kau hanya memilih bintang
Tempatmu hanya diawan kayangan,
bukannya bersama pungguk kesepian...


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FORCE The New Fragance Biotherm Homme - Tyson Ballou

Pub Gay : Dolce & Gabbana


I SaY...

"Don't knock masturbation --
it's sex with someone I love.~ ;p


I wish I could be your tear drops,
for what more could anyone
ask for then to be
conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,
live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips.

Forgive Me ( Sehingga skarang ku menanti kemaafan darimu ZX)

Aku tak tau nak ceritakan bagaimana?! Tapi yang pastinya ini semua salah aku!! Aku yang mulakan segalanya.. Aku yang bodoh. Aku juga yang terlebih emo. Inilah kesalahan aku paling besar pernah aku buat. Dan paling keji pernah aku lakukan. Aku hentam & luahkan segalanya tanpa usul periksa. Aku tunding jariku pada orang yang tak bersalah. Aku?!! Menyalahkan dia. Insan yang aku kenal yang banyak tolong aku selama ni. Insan yang banyak memberi sokongan padaku. Insan yang banyak mengajar aku erti tingginya nilai persahabatan. Insan yang aku sangat-sangat aku hormati. Malah aku sendiri sanggup berkorban atau mati kerana dia...

Kenapa aku buat begini?? Kenapa aku terlalu biadap padanya? Kenapa aku terlalu melampaui batas sehinggakan aku marahkan dia tanpa aku sedar yang dia tidak pernah berbuat salah pada aku? Kenapa aku terlalu emosi tanpa berfikir dengan baik sehinggakan aku rasa sekarang ni akulah yang bersalah?!.. Iya.. aku yang bersalah.. Aku yang bodoh.. Aku juga yang patut terima semua ini.. Biarlah Tuhan menghukum aku kerana kesalahan besarku. Kerana tak punya hormat pada insan yang selama ini banyak membentukku.. Biarlah aku dihukum kerana alasan bodohku yang aku sendiri fikir tidak masuk akal.. Ingin saja aku hukumkan diri ini kerana kebodohan aku.

Ya Tuhan.. Kenapa ya?! Kenapa aku harus digelar sahabat sedangkan aku ini adalah sahabat yang teruk & tak bersyukur. Kerana KAU telah memberikan aku anugerah tidak ternilai dengan memberikan aku sahabat yang istimewa,yang dihormati,yang tulus,yang kuat memberikan aku hidup yang indah. Tetapi aku calarkan ia dengan perasaan aku yang terlalu emosi & alasan aku yang tidak masuk akal.. Cemburu!! cemburu pada sahabat diatas kebaikkan & penghormatannya padaku.

Bodohkan aku?!! Iya.. aku memang bodoh.. sangat-sangat bodoh!! Dan kini aku sendiri sedang menghukum & menyumpah diriku kerana kebodohan aku. Jangan sesiapa yang menghalang kerana aku berhak menerimanya.. Kalian juga boleh menghukum aku. Hukumlah aku sekeras-kerasnya..

Mengapa aku perlu cemburu?! Cemburu kerana mereka gembira atau kerana mereka riang bersama teman2 mereka. Aku cemburukan teman2 mereka kerana mereka punya masa untuk luangkan bersama, sedangkan aku di sini jauh hanya melihat & mendengar kegembiraan itu. Selama ini, aku selalu gembira apabila aku mempunyai teman2 yang baru aku kenali kerana itulah aku.. Aku sukakan & sayangkan persahabatan. Tidak kira siapa, dimana atau keadaan sekalipun. Aku selalu bersyukur punye ramai sahabat yang sentiasa berada disekelilingku tidak kira tua atau muda. Dan setiap hari aku sentiasa senyum sendirian mencemburui diri sendiri kerana punya sahabat yang ramai. Indahnya hidupku kerana aku kaya sahabat. Kerana kalian hidupku sentiasa bercahaya & penuh warna. Walaupun dalam aku keadaan gembira atau sedih, kalian tetap bersamaku. Betapa kuatnya sokongan kalian padaku & betapa sabarnya kalian melayan karenahku.. Dan sahabatku sungguh istimewa...

Tapi, segalanya seperti gelap bila aku yang memulakan bicara.. Iya.. kerana aku.. menyalahkan dia kerana berjauhan dariku. Menyalahkan dia kerana bergembira bersama-sama temannya. Sedangkan aku disini.. Apa ini semua?!! Kenapa aku begini?? Apa salah dia? Dia tidak bersalah!!.... Sedangkan segalanya bermula dengan baik & elok sekali tetapi aku marahkan dia kerana ini?!! Kerana aku cemburu!! Kerana aku jauh!! Kerana melihat mereka gembira!! Bodohkan?!!

Tidak lena tidurku dibuatnya tapi biarlah.. biar aku tak lena.. biar aku tak tidur.. kerana aku sedang menghukum diri. Akan aku duduk dihadapan PC ini sehingga bila2. Sehingga dia bangun. Untuk aku pohon maaf padanya.. andai aku dekat padanya, akan aku cium kakinya & akan aku minta dia hukum aku kerana tidak bersyukur diatas segala pengorbanan & kebaikkannya. Aku tahu kalian pasti cemburu kerana aku mempunyai sahabat seperti mereka. Percayalah andainya kalian diberikan peluang bersahabat dengan insan yang aku maksudkan ini, jangan sesekali melukakan perasaannya & melakukan perkara-perkara bodoh seperti yang aku lakukan. Bukan mudah untuk mencari insan istimewa seperti mereka pada sekarang ini.. Bukan mudah!! Cuma aku yang bodoh!!!

"U.. i minta maaf.. minta maaf diatas kebodohan & sikap biadap pada u.. I yang salah.. i yang tak bersyukur.. Hukumlah i kerana kesalahan i.. Kalau nak i mengadap pada u, i sanggup.. Plzz.. Maafkanlah i .... U lah sahabat i yang i hormat.. in fact, i love u like my brother.. I dah pernah kehilangan adik.. Tapi taknak ada kehilangan lagi kerana sikap bodoh i.. Both of u is my adik & i will always love u no matter what.. Both of u are my angels, my breath, my soul & my heaven..
Please forgive me....