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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A GaY LoVe!!

How does a gay can response a love to his partner? How big or huge of responsibilities that he should do? What circumstances when he entered a relationship? Do they fall in love with girls? Or do they fall in love with guys? Is it right to have a relationship with the same sex? Let's discover and unleash the secret behind the mid-flow species…

Gays are easy to fall in love with guys especially to the physical aspects of the guy that catches the eyes of a gay. They eventually love discovering new things especially in their surroundings specifically in their desires and personality. They have a kind hearted, a mothering behavior and have a love and believe on his dignity. Thy frank and honest for what they feel, very expressive when it comes to love, very emotional when hurt by someone.

When they entered a relationship (men) they put their full attention to his “My Love” they can easily give the needs of his partner, they tend to make their partner happy with his side, Love for them is an essential thing in order to face the trials and have a companion while alleviating the problem but there is “Buts” in entering the homosexual relationship the perception of the society to them turn into negative because they do not abide the ten commandments of God and the rules and law of the whole community They have huge responsibilities especially to their family; they love their mothers (In my own observation) as great queen of their lives.

They are Felicitous when it comes to their responsibilities but sometimes there is a “Curiosity” That the root of cause in doing bad activities that lowers their dignity in the society.

But remember guys they are also humans respect them because they are part of the creations of God, so in this case you are also part of the creations of God in conclusion we are equal …. RESPECT FOR GAYS! - filipino butterfly

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