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Sunday, December 21, 2008

JuSt foR LaUgH!!

Audra : Mom, please ask for a new teacher for me?!

Mom : Why, dear??

Audra : My teacher can never make up her mind. The day before yesterday she said five and four make nine and today it`s three and six that make nine.

Mom : ??!!


Teacher : Which is further away, Azrai, the moon or China?

Azrai : Very easy! Of course China is further away.

Teacher : What makes you think so??

Azrai : Because we can see the moon on any clear night but we can`t see China.

Teacher : ??!!


Lee Novotny said...

Sah..memang bebudak sekolah bodoh biol!!! :P

AzRoLs said...

hahahaha!!! kan??!! ni la namanye lawak bebudak sekolah... yang bagi ni pun adik sedara...