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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RuPeNyE PeRsOnALiTy CoLoUr AkU Is...BLaCk!!

Baru jer jap tadi aku main kuiz kat Facebook aku psal personaliti seseorang itu melalui warne. Aku pun jawab je kuiz tu penuh berhati-hati ibarat jawab soklan STPM jer..Hahaha.Bile da dapat keputusan rerupenye personaliti aku tuh warnenye.......BLACK!!! Dah serupe macam warne blog aku ni....Hurmmm lagipun aku pun suke ngan warne hitam ni....kan warnenye seksi & misteri. Berikut aku bagi tou korang ini yang kononnye yang dinyatakan dalam FB tadi..bile aku bace balik..hurmmmm sangatlah aku....tapi pada pendapat korang..bole percaye ke???

Azrols completed the quiz "Which color best suits your personality?" with the result You are Black!.
You are black! You are probably an introverted, indifferent sort of person. You aren't necessarily emo or really hateful, though you can be. You just aren't bubbly and happy all the time like yellows, oranges, and pinks. In fact, you probably have a hard time putting up with people who ARE happy all of the time. You are probably intelligent and artistic, and maybe a little bit of a loner. You do have friends, you just don't mind being alone. Gives you time to think. You are a little blunt, and you usually tell it like it is. You are classy, and simplicity goes a long way with you. You can be a little off-beat, your interests may not go with "the norm". As for your friends, you love them deeply. You may not have many close friends, but you choose them carefully. You are incredibly loyal to your friends, and they know they can count on you. You'd do just about anything for them, and they know it. You probably don't show your feelings so much, but you do have feelings. Deep ones, too. You feel things deeply, and you can be passionate - you just don't show it. Your sense of humor is probably a little dark, but you do love to laugh. You can be totally crazy when you open up, but you rarely do. You, in a nutshell: Classy, introverted, loyal, a bit of a loner, unique, edgy, deep, artistic, crazy (rarely), intelligent. BLACK! .

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peridot sepi said...

ok aper black, llaki mmg suka itam kan..