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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FrAn DrEsChEr - ThE NaNnY 1993-1999

Fran Drescher stars as Fran Fine, the saucy, outspoken and always sexy Nanny!
Fran, born and raised in Queens, New York, wanted to be an actress from the time she was a child. She attended Hillcrest High School, a career-oriented school, and studied drama. She met her husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, in the drama club and they have been together ever since.
After a year at Queen's College, Fran and Peter decided they needed a practical trade to fall back on and entered cosmetology school. After receiving their licenses, they opened a mini-salon giving $5.00 haircuts.
Fran's first feature film role was in "Saturday Night Fever." Her other film credits include "American Hot Wax ," "Gorp,""The Hollywood Knights," "Ragtime," "Cadillac Man," " Serious Money" and "It Had To Be You." Her role in the cult classic "This is Spinal Tap" won her a "five minute Oscar" from Esquire magazine. (She later revived her Spinal Tap character, Bobbi Flekman, for a Nanny Episode.)
She starred in the series "Princesses" and has guested on television in "Alf," "Night Court," "Nine to Five," "Fame," "The Tracy Ullman Show" and " Civil Wars." Fran also co-starred in the television movies "Love and Betrayal" and "Terror in the Towers."
Fran and Peter, who serve as co-creators, writers and producers on "The Nanny," still find outlets for their entrepreneurial spirit. She and Peter are partners in a gourmet food line which produces Loaf n' Kisses Gourmet Croutons. " The 1988 writer's strike was the catalyst that got us started," she explains.
Fran, born on September 30, lives in Los Angeles with her pomeranian, Chester, who's also made a number of appearances on "The Nanny" (as CC's dog.)

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